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Treatments and Pricing

Skin rejuvenation treatments for the face and body with actual results!

FREE Home Prescription Skin Analysis

Come in for a skin analysis to assist in your purchase of a home prescription. Includes a demonstration on how to best use your new treatment serums and creams to go much further, saving you money and providing better results!

A $35 deposit is required at booking but credited with the purchase of a new full treatment plan or home prescription

FREE Skin Consultation and Treatment Plan

Have me create an individual treatment plan that will suit your skins specific needs.  Attend a consultation where I will analyse your skin then create a plan that will include multiple in-clinic chemical & mechanical treatments and a home prescription.

Treatment plan pre-payment options include:
- zip, laybuy or afterpay (only available on pre-paid treatment plans)
- pay by EFTPOS or credit card for % off

A $35 deposit is required at booking but credited with the purchase of a new full treatment plan or home prescription.

We Offer Facial and Body Treatments

Perfect for that last-minute treatment for the
face or eye area for that special occasion.

All facials include an LED session and may include an hyration treatment.

As part of your facial or body treatment you may want to upgrade with a mechanical or chemical upgrade (See mechancial/chemical upgrade section for pricing)

Includes lighter exfoliation/skin peel options. Increase results by upgrading to our Advanced Facial Treatments.

  • Hydrate

  • Breakouts

  • Radiance

  • Pigmentation

  • Rosacea

  • For men

  • Skin resilience & Skin Repair

  • Anti-aging

  • Body Treatments

  • LED Light Therapy Facial

  • Microdermabrasion Facials

We Offer Advanced Medical Aesthetics - Facial and Body Therapy Treatments

Treatments for acne scarring, fine lines & wrinkles, active acne, poor hydration, hyperpigmentation, melasma, firming, thinning hair, rosacea, scar treatments, skin tag & mole removal, stretch marks, and more…

Some treatments require a home prescription before commencement.

As part of your treatment, it is recommended that you upgrade your experience with a microdermabrasion, advanced facial booster/ampoule, LED, and/or high-frequency treatment.

See Facial and Body Treatments below for lighter exfoliation/skin peel options. 

Advanced Medical Aesthetics - Body and Facial Therapy Treatments

  from 200.00

Depigmentation Peel


Mesotherapy (with personalised cocktailed ingredients)

  from 300.00

MesoSkin™ Refining & Infusing System

  from 250.00

Lymphatic Drainage (Cellulite Treatment) Whole Body (Machine Treatment)


Ayurvega Massage (Tradional Indian Treatment)


Treatments include:

  • Hydrate & Renew

  • Renew & Firm

  • Anti-Aging, Hydrate & Rejuvenate

  • Brightening & Firming

  • Pigmentation/Sun Damage

  • Melasma

  • Breakouts/Problematic Skin

  • Rosacea/Sensitive Skin

  • Acne Scarring

  • Any Scarring (e.g. surgery)

  • Stretch Marks & Sagging Skin

We Offer Mechanical Therapy Treatments & Chemical Upgrades

Increase results by adding one or more of the below to your treatment.

Mechanical Therapy Treatments & Chemical Upgrades


  From 300.00

Advanced Facial Masks


HA1 + Collagen Mask (use with LED)


Anti-wrinkle Eye or Lip Treatment Upgrades


Deep Cleanse Upgrade


Advanced Deep Cleanse Upgrade


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage (Machine Treatment)


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Machine Treatment)


Advanced Medical Grade LED

  55.00 - 195.00


TGA approved medical grade LED System.

LED (Light emitting diode) technology is the latest in non-ablative treatment for acne reduction, lightening of pigmentation, healing, treatment of rosacea & psoriasis, and collagen building for ageing

It continues to promote collagen and elastin production and oxygenation for up to 180 days after treatment. Who would have thought that scientific experiments conducted by NASA on how to grow plants in space would have led to the most significant break through the beauty industry has ever seen.

LED Upgrade 55.00

LED Facial 75.00

Deep Cleansing LED Facial Session 110.00         (includes peptides and a boost of oxygen)

Advanced Deep Cleansing LED Facial Session 140.00                                   (includes peptides, 5 berry antioxidants, pumpkin and papain enzyme antioxidant exfoliator, lactic acid, and a boost of oxygen)

Multivitamin Detox Facial w/LED 165.00

(Using an advanced formula of Vitamin A, B, C and E, this illuminating treatment revitalises cells with intense energy and increase vitality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and making even the dullest skin luminous and radiant)

So Delicate Facial w/LED 195.00

(Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested on sensitive skin this treatment includes an enzyme peel, so delicate mask and hydrating ampoule)

HA1 + Collagen Mask (use with LED) 35.00

Diamond Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a process that deeply exfoliates the skin using a diamond coated tool and gentle vacuum that removes and discards unwanted dead skin cells. It is a non-invasive procedure and is performed in a salon by a trained skin care professional. It can be used to improve various skin conditions or just to help improve dull or rough skin.

The procedure may be performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation and photo-damage, as well as diminish fine lines, wrinkles and shallow acne scars. Removing the dead skin will aid in the penetration of skin care products by up to 50% and make-up will go on much more smoothly.

Microdermabrasion Upgrade 50.00

Basic Session - includes basic facial and active serum ingredients 60.00

Intermediate Session - includes advanced facial, clay mask and active serum ingredients 100.00

Advanced Session - includes advanced facial, advanced facial mask and active serum ingredients 130.00

AHA or Enzyme Premium Session - includes advanced facial, AHA or Enzyme peel, advanced facial mask and active serum ingredients 180.00

Antioxidant Premium Session - includes advanced facial, Antioxidant Enzyme peel, advanced facial mask and active serum ingredients 190.00



  from 250.00

Similar to skin needling (also known as collagen induction therapy), Microneedling combines skin needling techniques along with prescribed active ingredients for an effective way to achieve total skin rejuvenation, without harsh downtime & side effects.

It improves the quality and texture of the skin, reducing wrinkles, firming the skin, minimising the size of pores, and wound healing (acne scarring, stretch marks, and other scarring).

Microneedling is effective on both the face and body.

Pricing per treatment (Recommended)

Face 250

Neck 50

LED 55

Hydration 35

Total per treatment 390


Maximum microneedling treatments once a month - able to do LED between treatments (safe to do up to 3 a week)


MesoSkin™ Needling Free, Skin Needling Refining & Infusion System

  from 250.00


Mesoskin™ is a needle free Mesotheraphy treatment utilising a combination of Electroporation and innovate laser trimming Transdermal microchip technology. The combined technology increases the permeability of the cell membrane to no-invasively introduct vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and brightening serums to achieve desired penetration effect of active ingredients to dermis. Cell absorbtion is improved by up to 85%.

Mesotherapy (with personalised cocktailed ingredients)

  from 300.00

Mesotherapy, commonly known as “biorejuvenation” or “biorevitalization”, is a technique used to rejuvenate the skin by means of a transdermal injection of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from skin concerns such as scarring, stretch marks, ageing skin, pigmentation/melasma, acne scarring, loosen skin, and more....

Maximum mesotherapy treatments once a month - able to to LED between treatments (safe to do up to 3 a week).  Able to alternate with microneedling treatments.  Ordering of numbing cream from pharmacy is recommended for this treatment.

Pricing per treatment (recommended treatment)

Face 300

Neck 150

LED 55

Hydration 35

Total per treatment 540

Facial Exfoliant Upgrades


AHA Peel - Resurfaces and renews the skin to reduce fine wrinkles, sun damage & irregular skin tone, clogging, dilated pores and milia. The deep exfoliation leaves the surface of the skin smoother and promotes circulation. Perfect for sundamaged and wrinkled skin.

Enzyme Peel - Selectively degrades the unions between the dead cells and the stratum corneum, dissolves the keratin of the corneocytes. Soothing action, heals and reduces breakouts as it breakdown the keratin mounds. Perfect for sensitive skin and breakouts.

Intense Antioxidant Peel - This pumpkin and papain enzyme exfoliator contains lactic acid to provide a gentle but accelerated exfoliation.  This antioxidant-packed formula is also enhanced with an active collagen-inducing peptide to keep skin active.  Ideal for restoring skin hydration, tone, and firmness.

AOX Peel - This treatment uses the latest generation of AHAs & PHA’S for a powerful exfoliating and hydrating effect. Ferulic acid (extracted from fruit) has a powerful anti-oxidising action, protecting cellular DNA against UV damage. An optional application of our high purity Retinol can be included to boost collagen and elastin production.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatments


Ultrasound technology emits high-frequency waves to produce electrical stimulation which penetrates through the skin tissue to create a number of responses.

An ultrasonic treatment may be included into a facial or body treatment for the enhancement of results in cellulite, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dehydration, scarring, muscular aches and pains (not injuries), prematurely aged or mature skins, dull, sluggish skins and dark under-eye circles.

High Frequency Facial Treatment



Used for rejuvenating and retexturing the skin, high frequency electrodes increases oxygen to the skin, improving the overall texture, tone, and glow.

This device can be used to promote collagen stimulation and elastin production and kills bacteria that cause acne breakouts.



Clinical Facial Boosters/Ampoules


Pure Collagen - for wrinkles

Pure Hyaluronic - for dry, dehydrated skin

Pure Multivitamin (Vitamins A, C, E & B) - for a quick hit of energy

Pure Retinol - for fine lines & wrinkles / deep wrinkles

Pure C Force - Vitamin C (AGE) - for skin radiance

**Best suited along with LED and ultrasonic treatments


Facial Masks


Hydration/dehydrated skin

Active acne by absorbing excess oil

Decongest clogged pores

Energy detox

Collagen treatment

Anti-wrinkle eye & lip treatments

Minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Enhance elasticity

Brighten dark spots

We Offer Remedial Massage

Using a mixture of Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage to promote relaxation, stress relief, reduction of muscle tension, increase range of motion and pain relief. 

Dip. of Remedial Massage

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