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Sun Damaged

AHA Exfoliating Milk 200ml


A cleansing milk with gentle exfoliation action from Glycolic Acid, encapsulated to release slowly into the skin to break down dead skin build up and stimulate cell renewal to reduce pigmentation faster.

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Extra Nourishing Pro60 Cream 50ml


This anti-ageing nourishing cream has been a best seller since its launch 3 years ago.
Perfect for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation & lack of firmness, its ideal to use at night as it repairs skin while we sleep for a youthful-looking complexion.
It uniquely contains Epigenol, a highly concentrated extract which stimulates youth proteins in the genes, these anti-ageing proteins get switched off as we age so when we activate them again it results in less wrinkles, firmer skin and more even skin tone.
Ideal choice for those over 35+ with wrinkles, pigmentation or extremely dry and devitalised skin.

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Glycocure AHA/BHA Exfoliating Mask 50ml


A powerful 3-in-1 renewing mask to resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles, blackheads, clogging and sun damage. Used as a ‘mini peel’ or ‘mini micro’ at home to increase results you see from your professional skin treatments. Watch below video for more information

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Multivitamin Repair Serum 50ml


The new and improved SRNS Repair Progress Serum contains Glyco-8, a revolutionary ingredient that helps to penetrate ingredients 8 x deeper and faster, delivering incredible results in just 7 days!

It is a vitamin enriched serum that contains more than 50% active ingredients to energise dull fatigued skin and it’s an essential first step to target wrinkles and ageing caused by sun. it uniquely contains Zinc Glycine complex to help skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated appearance.

Packaged in a huge 50ml size its an ideal choice for those who want a more even skin tone or skin that needs to be re-energised and revitalised!

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Neck & Dec Repair SPF30


A treatment for the neck and décolletage, with the revolutionary ingredient exclusive to Germaine De Capuccini, Epigenol, a highly concentrated extract from Calendula Flower, which stimulates youth proteins in the genes to reverse signs of ageing. Also containing Niacinamide to reduce sun damage, and SPF to protect and prevent further damage.

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Pigmentation Correction Cream 20SPF 50ml


A treatment cream with a rich, melting texture that balances the skin’s tone and minimises hyperpigmentation, whilst also working to correct existing pigmentation. Maintains the hydration and suppleness skin needs daily. Also protecting against UVA and UVB rays, the skin is kept extraordinarily uniform, luminous and full of youthfulness.

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Pigmentation Correction Serum 30ml


Working deeper than a treatment cream, this powerful serum has a pigmentation fighting complex made up of Liquorice, Opuntia Flower and Vitamin C to prevent and correct dark spots, resulting in a more even skin tone.

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Powerlight Serum 50ml


A triple action serum containing Plant Extracts of Liquorice, Opuntia Flower, Vitamin C and Wheat Bran to detoxify, prevent fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark spots, providing luminosity and clarity to the skin.

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Spot Diminish Serum 15ml


A night use spot treatment for pigmentation containing a high dose of plant extracts to dramatically reduce dark spots in as little as 8 weeks

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