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Slimming & Firming

Firming Body Cream 250ml

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Phytocare Firm and Tonic Oil 100ml


Helps to improve skin suppleness, counteract flaccidity and work against skin ageing by deeply nourishing the skin.

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Phytocare Oil Tonic Scrub 150ml


A body exfoliator for normal to dry or very dry skin which eliminates dead skin cells delicately while maintaining its hydration. Formulated with Boabab Seed Oil, it provides the skin with nourishment, and soothes and protects.

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SOS Liposolution 15x10ml


An anti-cellulite treatment to help eliminate stubborn accumulations, to achieve firm and smooth skin.

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Total Fit Cellulite Oil 200ml


A body oil that inhibits the formation of cellulite, firms and smooths the skins texture and nourishes dry skin. Contains Pomegranate to reduce inflammation and increase the bloods circulation.

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